Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis The Season

Let me just say that I love the Christmas season! I love everything about it and all it entails. This past weekend I went to Edisto which was a great getaway and the perfect way to relax before three more weeks of schools. Yes, 15 days as of Monday and now 13 days left until we are out for "WINTER Holiday"!!!! My kids crack me up because they came in yesterday and announced it was Christmas. I love that innocence about children and I was shocked to see some of mine with it still. Even though all of my students are talking about Christmas and discussing it to no end, I can't talk about or reference it. The "Holiday" party shall be interesting....

I was so excited though to walk through the door of the Beau's house on Sunday and see:
1. Our artifical tree up and ready for me to decorate (the Beau claims to be allergic to real aka. he doesn't want to have to deal with a real one each year) ask me some time about how my mom heard that the Beau was allergic and sent her into panic over her future grandbabies!@!
2. The house was clean
3. Vegetable Soup that hit the spot on that cold, rainy day!
4. A warm couch and a Beau excited to see me after the weekend

An added bonus came after the tree was decorated and no ornaments were broken in the process!!!!!!!! Yay, I am suppose to get some of my Christopher Radko ornaments this year that I have been collecting since I was little. No bad mojo when they come in of broken ornaments!

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