Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's

Sorry for the delay in posting...the holidays crept up on me and then took me by whirlwind. I felt like much more of a grown up this Christmas season. I have helped my mom out a lot since she has been out of town so much right up til Christmas Eve. I have just had the chance to reflect on all of this and see up close how much life travels in a circle. Having the time to visit my grandmama emphasized this completely. She is doing better from her hip replacement but they have discovered that basically her knees are shot and so is one shoulder. Basically she will never really walk again with the ease that she once did which is sad if you know my grandmama. She was a very athletic person and loved walking whether it was around town or just in the yard. It is hard to see her this way and know that she isn't able to move about without pain. :(
But on a positive note, I have had the chance to spend a ton of time with the Beau over the break. He took some days and then had some extra days off this week which has been nice. He was sick, he blames my baby cousin, so of course yours truly took care of him. It wasn't too bad but he definitely pushed the limit on Sunday when he was whining about something and I didn't baby him enough. He got mad and said some not nice things. But one thing that is great about the Beau is his ability to apologize when he is wrong. He apologized about 5 minutes after he said it and realized how mean it was.

Anyways I digress, I was watching the Today Show with my grandmama the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas when they started talking about New Year's Resolutions....Ha ha... I am sure you thinking the same thing that I was thinking. Resolutions are a joke! They last maybe a week at best. One big big point they made on the Today Show was the fact that people make their goals too unrealistic and too big. They are so right about that!

So I have decided to follow their advice and see how it goes. I have set two small goals for myself. 1. To do at least 10 lunges per leg. 2. To do at least 10 minutes on Wii Fit. These smaller goals are suppose to help you keep them and to feel a greater sense of achievement with them. It doesn't hurt that they are smaller and usually lead you to continue once you have started. I will have to keep you updated with the progress. Some kind of change needs to happen needless to say with my body. It is time!

I have found the first resolution much easier to do. The second one has been slightly harder to do since we bought a new TV and then the Beau thinks its a sport to watch me do Wii Fit from his couch. Lets just say I no longer do Pilates and rolling into a ball in front of him. He went and got a beer once and watched me do Pilates. He found it highly amusing and truly an entertainment. Me....not so much! I can laugh with myself or at myself with the best of them but somehow that doesn't amuse me as much as it does him.

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