Monday, January 5, 2009

If I were a boy....

If I were a boy, I would be so excited about a huge TV. The Beau and I spent all of Saturday after lunch watching movies...4 movies straight which has to be like a huge accomplishment for me. I have a hard time sitting still without doing something else at the same time. We watched: Hellboy II, Blades of Glory, Knocked Up, and Hell Ride. Not a fan of Hell Ride but the Beau is a huge Quentin Tarentino fan and likes to watch his films. The tv decided to act up the whole time we were watching the movies and made it very frustrating. So needless to say on Sunday...the Beau decided it was time to get a new flat panel tv. We went to just look and needless to say came home with a 52 inch tv. And....I LOVE IT!!! It is huge and just perfect for us to watch all the movies we want. The PS3 is also great for watching the Blu-Ray Movies. Here is a link to our TV. I couldn't get the picture to post. I can't wait to spend another rainy, foggy Saturday on the couch watching movies and eating crap as the Beau calls it.

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