Friday, November 21, 2008

Dreaming Big

So eventually the Beau and I will be buying a house and when I say eventually I mean sooner than later we will. While the Beau has a great house now it is exciting to think about a new house and hopefully it being a house we will move into together! Talking about what we both want in a house and from us both looking around, we are finding that what we want is not out there right now at a price we can swing. The idea of building is something we are throwing around a little more. There are pros and cons to both sides so I am interested to see what happens.
On another note, as the Beau and I were hanging out tonight the discussion of ADD and ADHD came up. Neither one of us is diagnosed with either one but the Beau said that he would probably be diagnosed with it if he had gone to the doctor when he was younger. He went on to say that it took a lot to get him excited about what he was learning about. Don't get me wrong either because he is very smart but it was funny. I was saying at the same time that I have trouble focusing one thing for a long period and flit from thing to thing (doing things or saying things). And low and behold, the Beau says under his breathe "Don't I know it". Smartie Martie thought that I hadn't heard him...haha see who gets the last laugh. Glad I can laugh at myself and him.

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